Phase 3 Accreditation Certificates

Phase 3 Connectors pride ourselves in creating quality power connectors. Quality is at the forefront of our business philosophy, setting us apart from competitors. Give the nature of our products and their application within industry, our quality will never be compromised.
ISO 9001 CertEC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY PSBEC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY PowersafeP319 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYPowersafe Connectors UL ApprovalPowersafe VDE Approval CertificateEnvironmental Policy

Test Reports

TR 05659 Powersafe 500A ConnectorsTR 05662 Powersafe Panel Source T5TR 05663 Powersafe Panel Drain T5TR 05664 Powersafe Panel Source T8TR 05665 Powersafe Panel Drain T8TR 05673 Powersafe Box
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