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Powersafe Connectors Explained

What are the types of Powersafe Connector?

A ‘Line Connector‘ or ‘Inline’ connector acts as the electrical plug for connection between an appliance and the power source. The line connector consists of an insulated casing with a single pole that fits into a Powersafe socket. The connectors are fitted with a spring loaded plastic cap that prevents accidental finger touching of the contact. Powersafe contacts are available to suit power cable from #4 AWG to 500 MCM (25mm² to 300mm²).
Line Connector
A ‘Panel Mount Connector‘ or ‘Mounted Connector’ acts as the electrical socket for connection with a Powersafe Line Connector. The Panel Mount connector is mounted onto a distribution board or panel through 4 fixing holes on the flange. The Panel Mounts are terminated with M12 threaded post to a standard lug. Panel Connectors are supplied fully assembled with an M12 nut and spring washer for secure connection.
Panel Mount

Connector Gender Explained

Both Line and Panel Mount connectors are available as Source (Male) and Drain (Female).
Source (Male) connectors have a male contact and a female insulator.
Drain (Female) connectors have a female contact and a male insulator.
Dark Markings

Line Connector Configuration Help

Termination: How are Powersafe Connectors terminated?

There are 2 types of termination for Powersafe; Set Screws and Crimp

Set Screw Terminations use standard set screws to secure the connector to power cable. This type of termination is considered temporary as screws can be removed with an Allen Key to remove the connector and reuse the cable. Set Screw Connectors have a standard 4/0 (120mm²) size and for #4 to 3/0 (95mm² – 25mm²) a reduction kit is used to fit the contact and cable.

Set Screw Terminations are available for cables up to 300MCM (150mm2), for larger cables, crimp terminations are available .
CableNominal Conductor OD (mm2)Nominal Conductor OD (Inches)Reduction Termination Sleeve Kit
#4 SC250.233R25
#2 SC350.293R35
#1 SC500.33R50
1/0 SC550.369R70
2/0 SC700.412R70
3/0 SC950.5R95
3/0 SC950.5R95
4/0 SC1200.53N/A
CableNominal Conductor OD (mm2)Nominal Conductor OD (Inches)Reduction Termination Sleeve Kit
#4 Type W250.233R25
#2 Type W350.25R35
#1 Type W500.33R50
1/0 Type W550.369R70
2/0 Type W700.412R70
3/0 Type W950.49R95
4/0 Type W1200.53N/A
CableNominal Conductor OD (mm2)Nominal Conductor OD (Inches)Reduction Termination Sleeve Kit
#4 DLO 2KV21.10.262R25
#2 DLO 2KV33.60.315R35
#1 DLO 2KV42.40.375R50
1/0 DLO 2KV53.50.435R70
2/0 DLO 2KV67.40.465R70
3/0 DLO 2KV850.535R95
4/0 DLO 2KV1070.581N/A
Crimp Terminations have a different sized crimp bucket on the copper contact to allow a range of cable sizes. Crimp terminations allow for an incoming cable range of #4 to 600MCM (25mm² – 300mm².) Phase 3’s standard size is 4/0 & 500MCM (120mm² and 240 mm²), which for instance fits with standard sized single conductor power cable. We recommend 3 hexagonal crimps are made with a certified crimp tool to terminate safely.

Set Screw Torque Minimum is 10.5 Nm
Cable Jacket Strip Length is 5/16” (33mm)
For more information on terminations and assembly, view our Powersafe Assembly Guide.

Strain Relief
Different cable clamps are assembled onto the connector based on your cable size. The gland grips your cable to ensure an IP rating and secure connection of the connector.
We use 4 types of gland: M50, M40B, M40A and M40S (a bush is supplied for a M40SS gland)
CableNominal Jacket OD (mm2)Cable ClampReduction Cable Clamp Bushing
#4 SC12.07M40SSPP00575
#2 SC13.21M40SS3PP00575
#1 SC14.61M40SSPP00575
1/0 SC15.24M40SPP00131
2/0 SC16.38M40SPP00131
3/0 SC18.16M40SPP00131
4/0 SC19.43M40AN/A
CableNominal Jacket OD (mm2)Cable ClampReduction Cable Clamp Bushing
#4 Type W14.86M40SS3PP00575
#2 Type W16.51M40SPP00131
#1 Type W18.54M40SPP00131
1/0 Type W19.05M40AN/A
2/0 Type W20.96M40AN/A
3/0 Type W23.11M40AN/A
4/0 Type W24.38M40AN/A
250 MCM25.91M40AN/A
CableNominal Jacket OD (mm2)Cable ClampReduction Cable Clamp Bushing
#4 DLO 2KV11.7M40SSPP00575
#2 DLO 2KV13M40SSPP00575
#1 DLO 2KV16.3M40SPP00131
1/0 DLO 2KV17.8M40SPP00131
2/0 DLO 2KV18.5M40SPP00131
3/0 DLO 2KV20.3M40AN/A
4/0 DLO 2KV21.3M40AN/A
250 MCM23.9M40AN/A
300 MCM25.3M50N/A
350 MCM26.9M50N/A
400 MCM28.2M50N/A
500 MCM30.5M50N/A

View the Powersafe Assembly Guide >

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