Phase 3 Quality Assurance

At Phase 3 Connectors we pride ourselves in creating quality power connectors. Quality is at the forefront of our business philosophy, setting us apart from competitors. Given the nature of our products and their application within industry, our quality will never be compromised.

ISO9001 and UL Approval

We are ISO9001 Accredited, this means we are audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI) once a year who validate the processes within Phase 3 Connectors and our power connector products. Our Powersafe range of connectors are now UL Approved up to 455 Amp applications.

Quality Power Connectors

Our material manufacturer works to our designed drawings and all materials must be to Nace Certification – which means that all Phase 3 materials must originate from USA/Canada or Europe. Our Quality Manager hails from an Aerospace background, who is qualified to audit aerospace companies to the industry standard AS9100.
As we are ISO Certified by BSI, all returns are taken seriously and corrective actions are audited. All Phase 3 suppliers are ISO approved and we do not accept suppliers that cannot validate their processes through Certification.
Certificate of Registration
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