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Phase 3 manufacture electrical power products for Military and Aerospace industries. Powersafe Connectors have been used for the launch of spacecraft technology, emergency power on nuclear submarines, harsh environment military bases, naval ships and more. The fully certified military connectors include plugs and socket formats for power distribution up to 800 amps. Fast lead times, incredible quality, always reliable.
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Phase 3 for Military Connectors & Aerospace Connectors

Phase 3 are proud manufacturers and suppliers of single pole and circular power connectors to Military, Government Projects, Aerospace Innovations and International Space Agencies. We cannot disclose particular agency or project names, however our projects are used by prestigious customers due to their unquestionable reliability, added safety benefits and quality certifications.
Powersafe powerlock connectors are considered the industry leader in quality and safety for power connectors. Powersafe powerlock boxes are sequential mating boxes for safe and controlled distribution of emergency power backup. In particular, the Powersafe Box is widely used on military bases, naval submarines and for connection of trailing cables for portable tools during the manufacturing of spacecraft and aviation vehicles.
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