Cable Assembly

Phase 3 are proud providers of cable connectors to leading cable suppliers worldwide. Phase 3’s connectors are perfect for power cable that is utilised for mains supply, stage use, utilities, power generators, switchgear and electrical control systems.
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Power Cable Connectors for Assembly

Temporary power generator companies often purchase rubber cables with pre-assembled connectors and Powersafe Power Cable Connectors are the most reliable pre-assembled option to offer your customers. Phase 3’s single pole connectors are considered the industry leader in quality and safety for industrial power plugs. Our Showsafe Multi-Core Cable Connectors are perfect for touring application and are fully socapex compatible with UL approval.

Power Generation connectors

Powersafe power connectors are mechanically keyed and locked meaning they have the highest ratings in reliability and safety. The high-current single pole connectors are utilised globally by the events industry. The connectors mate with the Tourmate Powersafe Sequential Mating Box, a compact 3 Phase, Neutral and Earth, generator connection point with a high current carrying capacity up to 800A.
The powerlock type product is an industry leader in quality, with pending UL approval. They are safer than Cam-Lock and can be delivered worldwide with the quickest lead times guaranteed.

Phase 3’s Powersafe are perfect for temporary power generators for large stadiums, festivals and events. The connectors will be used at the 2018 World Cup, Galstonbury and the Olympics and are fully compatible with VEAM and Litton.
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Key Features

Mechanically Keyed, so lines cannot be mismated.
Increased Current Carrying Capacity (500A/800A)
Reduced Insertion Force & Improved Impact Resistance
Rubber Hand Grip for ease of coupling & added impact protection
Cable Strain Relief (CSA 25mm2 – 300mm2)
Water & Dust Proof Ingress Protection Rating (IP67)
Finger-Proof Protection against electric shock (IP2X)
Flame Retardant (UL94-VO)

Powersafe Distribution Mating Box

The Powersafe Sequential Mating Box is fast becoming the industry standard in power generator, control panel and switchgear connection points for high current connections up to 800A. The powerlock box’s sequence of connection and disconnection is controlled, therefore live lines cannot be mismated. As a result, Powersafe Sequential Boxes are the power and energy industry’s safest generator sockets. Data Centre and Temporary Power Distribution professionals choose the box for its added safety benefits, such as a rear fail-safe switch that will cut electrical power if tampering occurs.
Powersafe Sequential Mating Box is used as an electrical connection point for high current energy transfer up to 800A. The powerlock box’s sequence of connection and disconnection is controlled. Therefore, live lines cannot be mismated as safety lines must be connected first and disconnected last (FMLB). As a result, Powersafe Sequential Boxes are the military and aerospace industry’s safest industrial sockets. Government projects choose the box for its added safety benefits such as a rear fail-safe switch that will cut electrical power if tampering occurs. In contrast to Cam Lock type connectors, Powersafe won’t disconnect easily, meaning in stressful conditions such as war zones, vibrations and sudden pressure will not disconnect the box leaving dangerous live lines exposed.

Environmental Dust Cap Protection

Powersafe Environmental Dust Caps are heavy duty protective caps for high current power connectors. Environmental caps are manufactured in high-impact thermoplastic and IP67 rated sealing, making them an incredibly durable product. The caps are designed with a colour coded mechanical locking system to prevent accidental disconnection.
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