Power Generator Connectors

Phase 3 manufacture the power distribution industry’s highest quality power generator connectors. Powersafe and Showsafe are certified industrial plugs and sockets for utilities, mains supply, generator connection and switchgear. Fast lead times, cost effective, always reliable.
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Phase 3 for Power Generator Connectors

Phase 3 are proud manufacturers and suppliers of power generator connectors to temporary power distribution and utility companies worldwide. Our industrial plugs and sockets are perfect for switchgear, power generators, control panels, and the national grid. Therefore, we help deliver a constant power supply for millions of homes, businesses and events in the safest and most reliable way.
Powersafe powerlock connectors are considered to be the industry leader in quality and safety for power connectors. In addition, Powersafe Network Connection Devices are used worldwide, connecting generators to power lines for utility companies. Powersafe powerlock boxes are sequential mating boxes for safe and controlled distribution on panels and rack mounts.
Powersafe Connectors
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