Powersafe Bimetal Connectors

Powersafe Bimetal Connector are Phase 3’s solution to connect aluminium cables in high current circuits that incorporate copper cable and busbars. 
The bimetallic power connector is manufactured using the best raw materials, allowing for a flawless friction weld process producing the highest quality conductor. Bimetallic industrial plugs can be terminated onto aluminium cable meaning lugs can be replaced with a safer insulated termination.
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About Bimetal Connectors

Powersafe Bimetal Connectors are available for inline and panel mount formats in male or female format (source or drain). The electrical connectors are manufactured in coloured high-impact thermoplastics, therefore there are several colours available according to line type. The colour coding follows electrical industry standards for single pole devices.

Assembled in the United Kingdom

Powersafe single pole connectors are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK by Phase 3. The industrial plug’s powerlock mating system is mechanically keyed and locked, meaning Powersafe cannot be mis-mated or disconnected accidentally under load.

Why use Aluminium Cable?

Aluminium cable weighs significantly less than Copper allowing for cheaper transport costs and easier installations
Aluminium often has 60% cheaper exchange prices

How are the metals merged?

Friction Welding. A process that generates heat through mechanical friction between metal in relative motion to one another.
We test the weld integrity on 1 in 10 welds by bending the sample into a right angle.

What raw materials are used?

Phase 3 only use the best metal material in our manufacturing process:
99.9% Pure Copper, 99.9% Pure Aluminium

Bimetallic Connector Application

The duel metal industrial plugs are used as conductors in industries such as:

Temporary Power Generation
Events & Stage Use
Renewable Energy

Standard Powersafe connectors feature copper or copper based contacts, so they should not be used for direct termination onto aluminium cables as galvanic corrosion may occur. That’s why users of lightweight aluminium cables are using Powersafe Bimetal Connectors. Phase 3 have no problems with overheating during long run times on generators due to innovative engineering solutions to our metal contact band and crimp end.

Power Connector Pairs

Additional Powersafe Products

Additional product ranges, accessories and Network Devices

Powersafe Connectors

Phase 3’s Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated, safest and finest quality powerlock connectors as used by the power distribution, events, military and cable assembly industries worldwide. Powersafe connectors are available as inline plugs and panel mount sockets that easily terminate to low voltage copper power cables (i.e H07RN-F) using industry standard crimp tools or set-screw contacts.

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