CamLock Connectors

June 29, 2020

What is a CamLock Connector?

A CamLock connector, is an electrical single-pole connector often used in temporary electrical power distribution. Originally a trade-name, "Cam-Lok", it has now evolved into a generic term for these types of connectors. They have dominated the North American market for a long time, and tend not to be used in Europe. The connector is generally used when phase 3 connections, or a charge of more than 50A, is required.
camlock connectors
Cam-Lock connectors are also used to build disconnects to lighting dimmer racks and distribution panels and to connect large generators. Usually found in professional and industrial settings.

Powersafe connectors are colour coded, individually keyed, and have an IP67 rating, with finger proof insulation to remove touching a live connector, this removes the exposed contact point inside the insulator which can cause serious injury or even death.

CamLock Colour Codes

The CamLock/cam-lok color codes are similar to other single pole devices in the USA:
Earth Neutral Line 1 Line 2 Line 3
Green Earth Wiring Colours Green White Neutral Wiring Colours White Black L1 Wiring Colours Black Red L2 Wiring Colours Red Blue L3 Wiring Colours Blue

Can I use CamLock connectors in Europe?

Camlock connectors are not used in Europe. The exposed contact point inside the insulator is live can cause serious injury or even death. Similarly, disconnecting a high current circuit under load can cause similar catastrophic outcomes. There is no real IP rating, as there is no cable gland.

Is there a safe alternative to CamLock?

Powersafe single pole connectors are the highest rated and safest high current, low voltage plug for events, power, military and utility industries. 

Phase 3’s electrical devices are the standard industry replacement for the unsafe CamLock connector. Powersafe connectors are the perfect replacement due to the finger-proof contacts and individual line locking mechanisms.

Introducing: Powersafe Single Pole Connectors

From the United Kingdom? View via Phase 3 UK by clicking here.

Cam-Lock vs Powersafe

We hear two answers when we ask US customers, 'Why do you still use CamLock Connectors?'

"There’s no alternative UL approved connector!"


"The alternative's lead times are too long!"

Well...Is there a CamLock Connector alternative with short lead timesYES! Phase 3 have manufactured UL Approved Powersafe Connectors and have a distribution network developed across the United States of American and Canada with industry leading delivery times of as short as one week.

'I really don’t know much about the Camlock alternative…' 

Take a look at the CamLock vs Powersafe Infographic:

Camlock vs Powersafe

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